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Tips to help Reduce Fundraising Expenses

Tips to help Reduce Fundraising Expenses

When we are organising a fundraising campaign there are simple and efficient ways to reduce your expenses. These simple tips may help in reducing the costs to run your fundraising campaign. They can also help in reducing the expenses of the event for which you are fundraising for. For groups who are fundraising to take a group interstate or overseas or to a carnival or event you can reduce expenses in both areas. You can reduce your expenses in your fundraising campaign to maximise the money raised and you can reduce your budget expenses on the trip your group is taking.
Here are some tips so you can be rewarded with more money to use towards your cause:
* plan your fundraising campaign.
* make a financial goal and stick to your budget.
* ask for donations - Ask businesses, individuals and members.
* ask for sponsorship - This is a form of advertising for businesses. Put your sponsors logo on your new uniforms.
* know your prices of products - If buying sausages, know where you can buy them at the lowest cost per sausage.
* shop around for sale items - Look out for sale items. Many of the big supermarkets have products on sale that can be used in your fundraising campaign.
* look for discount codes when buying items - you can often get shopping codes for use when buying from the big supermarkets. Shopping Scrooge will give you codes to use at Woolworths and Coles - the hard work done for you. Check them out on Facebook.
* use no-up-front cost fundraising campaigns
* know the skill sets of your members - Can a member MC a quiz night instead of paying for one.
* ask members to help with the fundraiser - Who can help with cutting onions instead of buying pre-cut onions.
* look for local and state grants that are available - these will vary between states
* book venues, flights, accommodation and transport early - Look for pop up sales and get in early. Prices will be higher the closer you are to your event. * ask for discounts for group bookings.
I hope these simple tips will help your fundraising campaign.
Happy fundraising!