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Fundraising: How to get the most out of your members/volunteers

Set a target and let everyone know what that is
Give each member a goal
Be specific on your fundraising expectations
Give realistic deadlines
Provide flexibility for your members where possible
Provide an incentive or reward for the highest fundraiser
Use the skill sets of each member
Divide tasks up that are time consuming
Use the principle "the money raised comes off your own individual bill"
Hold regular meetings to discuss how your fundraising event is going
Remind your members of the end goal and target
Choose fundraisers that everyone can be involved in regardless of age or qualification so you can share the load
Provide smaller goals that are achievable so you can see that the work being done is helping you achieve your end target
Say Thank you
Happy Fundraising!

We're all things fundraising.

If you're looking for some basic tools and ideas that can help you become more effective at raising money, check out our Fundraising Basics eBook! It's the perfect resource to help you on your fundraising journey.

Looking for a fun new way to fundraise?

Fundraise with socks! Our awesome fundraising socks really do sell themselves, which means more profit for your cause.

Take a look at our fantastic range of fundraising options. Fully online, in person, or a combination of both, our fundraising services are specially designed to ensure no matter how you like to fundraise, we have a fundraising solution for you.

Do It For Schools & Groups


A no upfront cost fundraiser for schools & groups. No minimum order, free delivery for orders over 100 pairs, and an easy to use, eyecatching order form!

With two themes to choose from, you can fundraise with one theme or double the fun with both!

NEW FOR 2022! Individual online ordering now available!

Do It Yourself


Purchase Fundraising Sock Packs from our online store and start fundraising straight away!

Choose from our off the shelf options or Build Your Own Fundraising Sock Pack just the way you like it!

It's a super profitable fundraiser, with a minimum profit of $35 for every pack sold, with free shipping for orders of 15 +packs.

Do It For Me


A hands free, online fundraiser with no upfront costs, and access to our entire sock catalogue (that's over 150 different designs).

We'll create a dedicated webpage for your cause, with access to our entire sock catalogue. All you need to do is promote your fundraiser, and we'll take care of the rest, including delivery straight to your customer's door!