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About Us

The Story of Sockable

As Sockable's founders, Jodie and I have been down and dirty in the fundraising trenches for well over a decade, and now we're on the other side of the fence!

We love helping schools and groups fundraise with a product everyone needs and loves - funky fundraising socks!

Our last big fundraising effort was for our self made an d organised 2019 Varsity Basketball Tour of the USA. We coached, organised, and drove our way across the USA with a bunch of teenage boys and girls (crazy right?) We arrived home in December 2019, not long before the international borders closed.

We fundraised for over a year for this tour, and for those in the know, fundraising this long definitely leads to fundraising fatigue. But we did it - and in this time, Sockable was created.

The fundraising landscape is changing, and rather than just donating funds, more and more supporters are responding to a valued item in return for their hard earned cash. Socks are an item that are used on the daily, an easy to buy (and valued) gift, and of course non perishable - they won't melt in your car!

Our flexible fundraising system means we can find the perfect fundraising fit for fundraisers, whether that's hands free and fully online, in person or somewhere in between.We love what we do and it's awesome to be able to share the love here.

We'd love to help you fundraiser.

Have an amazing day.

Brooke x