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School Fundraising Ideas

We have a fantastic range of fundraising ideas for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Kindergartens!

Socks are a fun school fundraiser enjoyed by staff, students and parents. Double down on your fundraising by combining your sock fundraiser with a Loud Sock Day! Students and teachers will love showing off their fun, funky socks, and a gold coin donation will boost your fundraising efforts!

Here's Why Schools Love a Sockable Fundraiser!

Universally Loved Product - Easily sell socks to a wide audience because everybody wears socks! This broad appeal ensures high sales potential to support your fundraising goals.

Practical and Everyday Necessity - Socks are a practical, everyday necessity, which means supporters are more likely to purchase them regularly.

Non Perishable - Socks are non-perishable, meaning they won't expire or go bad. There are no time constraints to sell compared to food based product fundraisers.

Easy to Store and Transport - Socks are compact and lightweight, making them easy to store and transport for fundraising events or distribution. This simplifies logistics for organizers.

Year Round Appeal - Socks are not limited to a specific season or occasion. They have year-round appeal, providing continuous fundraising opportunities for organisations throughout the year.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly - many people appreciate sustainable products. Fundraising with a sustainable product will attract environmentally conscious supporters, and boost your product sales.

Variety of Fundraising Options - our range of fundraising packages accommodates different goals and budgets. You can select the package that aligns perfectly with your fundraising objectives, ensuring a seamless and successful campaign.

Double Down on Your Fundraising - at the end of your fundraising event, hold a silly sock day and raise even more funds for your cause! It's a great way to maximise your fundraising with minimal extra effort!

This Fundraiser Is For You If...

You're tired of the same overdone fundraisers, and need a fresh, fun idea to engage your community

You have limited time, and need a quick, successful fundraiser that won't disrupt your schedule

You don't have a big fundraising budget, and need a fundraiser with no or low start up costs

We've Got Three Options To Suit Your Needs

Online ShipTogether

Best Price Online Fundraising With a Single Delivery to You

A no upfront cost fundraiser, with one shipment to your school or group. Access exclusive wholesale pricing and a great variety of socks.

At the end of the fundraiser, we'll deliver socks to you to sort and distribute.

Online ShipToHome

Hands-Free Online Fundraising With Direct Delivery to Buyer

A hands free, online fundraiser with no upfront costs, and access to our entire sock catalogue (that's over 130 different designs).

All you need to do is promote your fundraiser!

Fundraising Sock Packs

Fundraising Sock Packs for Your In Person Fundraising Needs

Buy socks to fundraise in person or for your next fundraising event!

Perfect for your school fete, Father's Day stall or sports club open day.

We'd Love to Support You With Your Next Fundraiser

Remember socks are one of THE most popular product fundraisers right now. Here's what to do next.

PLUS You've Got Peace of Mind With Our Sustainability Guarantee

At Sockable Fundraising, we are committed to sustainability. That’s why our socks come plastic wrap-free. We pledge to continue our eco-friendly practices, reducing waste and leaving a lighter footprint on the planet, one sock at a time.

Here's What Other Fundraisers Like You Say...

It was a great, easy to manage fundraiser

"Thank you for all of your help. It was a great, easy to manage fundraiser". - Belinda, The Willows State School P&C Association.

We have had so much feedback on the quality and variety of the socks

"Your team went above and beyond to not only answer a huge amount of questions, but pack and deliver the socks earlier than expected so we could have them ready for the stall". - Jodi, Rouse Hill Public School

This has been the most convenient fundraising

"This has been the most convenient fundraising we have done and the children are super excited to receive their socks". - Jane, Orana Heights Before/After School and Vacation Care

Ready to Start a Fundraising Frenzy?

It's time to fundraise with a product that people LOVE to buy.

We've Helped Hundreds of Schools Raise Funds. Let Us Help You Too!