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The Rubber Ducky Derby - A fun, Low Cost Fundraiser

The Rubber Duck Derby is an easy and fun fundraising event that can be scaled in size to fit your group's supporter base. The actual event, crazy as it may sound, involves racing rubber ducks down a local waterway, pool or waterslide.

Your local community "adopts" the ducks for a chance to win valuable donated prizes. Duck races have become a unique and profitable event for many schools and groups.

Your group sells a ticket linked to a number that's painted on one of the racing rubber ducks. Depending on the prizes involved, tickets are priced somewhere between $5-$10 a ticket. 

A standard size for a race is 500 rubber ducks, but you can adjust that up or down depending on the size of your group and the amount you need to raise. 

Large bags full of the ducks are simultaneously emptied into the water. The winning duck is the one that floats to the finish line first. 

It adds a little extra zing to the old-fashioned raffle ticket sale. Prizes can also be awarded in various categories to add to the festivities. Many groups organize their "race" around a group picnic near the water and make a leisurely afternoon out of your fundraiser event. 

Don't forget to collect all of your ducks at the end!