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The Benefits of Online Fundraising

With the availability of many online fundraising services, you may be wondering whether to opt for a fully online fundraiser instead of your usual in person event.

While it's beneficial to your cause to make use of both online and offline fundraising methods, each option has advantages and disadvantages. The majority of fundraising revenue still comes from in person events, but it's clear that online fundraising platforms are making fundraiser easier.

The Benefits of Online Fundraising

Fundraising Online Saves You Time

Online fundraisers offer built in automations that save you time and money. When a supporter purchases online they are automatically issued a receipt, and their donation recorded in a database. This means you do not need to manually issue receipts or enter information, saving you time and money.

Shorter Campaign Times

Online fundraisers are successful in short campaign times. While some fundraisers opt for a 30 day event, it's realistic to complete an online fundraiser in just 2-3 weeks.

Better Record Keeping

With the automation provided by online fundraisers, you have immediate access to fundraising data. You can track your progress and see the total funds raised at any time. Online fundraising also eliminates manual data entry, which reduces human error.  Having better data helps you to improve the outcome of your fundraiser. At the end of your fundraiser you will receive a report fundraiser detailing the products sold and funds raised, ready to file away.

Reduced Financial Risk

Electronic payments are handled by the fundraising platform's payment gateway, eliminating manual cash handling. This process reduces the risk of theft or fraud.

Minimal Costs

Most online platforms provide a service with no setup costs. This means even new fundraising groups can get started without needing to outlay funds, and fundraisers with a high regular cash expenses (such as animal rescues) can fundraise without impacting their service levels.


Social media is a powerful tool to reach people all over the world! Don’t forget to encourage supporters to share your fundraiser, even if they can’t purchase to support your cause.

Ease of Access

It's super easy to run an online fundraiser! Most online platforms set up the fundraiser for you, which means there is little to no expertise required to get started.

Tips for Online Fundraising Success

Monitor your Stats

If you are promoting an online fundraiser with a short campaign time, monitor your stats. You will need to keep momentum going as your fundraiser progresses.

Set Mini Goals

Set 3 to 4 mini goals for the duration of your fundraiser, and share them with your supporters. Send out regular updates to your fundraisers, and ask them to help you hit your next goal.

Celebrate Your Supporters

Tag people that participated in your fundraiser each week on social media. Just a simple tag in a post that says ‘Thank you to those that supported our cause this week’ with supporters tagged below encourages their friends and community members that haven’t yet participated to join in!


With online fundraisers being easy to run, with no startup costs and short campaign times, they are ideal to run in between your larger annual in person events. Just remember to communicate with your supporters and promote your fundraiser online to reach as many supporters as possible.

Happy FUNdraising!