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Fundraising Ideas: Finding the Best Ones for your Group

On the surface, finding fundraising ideas is easy. Get together a group of parents or volunteers for a brainstorming session, and you will likely get a list of ideas ranging from garage sales to colour runs!
It is not simply a matter of picking any idea that you think is fun and giving it a go. To be successful at fundraising, you carefully need to consider which ideas work well for your group. Choosing the wrong idea can waste time, money, and effort for little or no financial return. A fundraiser with a poor result may also deflate the morale and motivation of your group, or even worse, create a financial loss. This means you need to raise even more funds to cover the expense of your last fundraiser - that is not an ideal situation to be in!
There are a few things that separate a good fundraising idea from a bad one:
•Cost of getting going should be what you can afford to spend
•Good use of resources and talents
•You have enough people power - or can get enough for it
•It is a theme appropriate idea for your group
•It is appropriate for the size of your group
•It does not require expensive resources you do not have
•It is likely to appeal to your potential buyers or participants
•It gives added value to your buyers, sponsors or participants - your donors will feel that they are getting something from the experience
•It will bring in the required money.
Don't forget fundraising should be fun, and the easier the better!
Happy Fundraising!