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Fundraising for Junior Sport

Fundraising for Junior Sport

Fundraising for junior sport? Here are a few quick tips to help you run a successful fundraising campaign.

Communicate in a way that can be readily accessed

Communication is key! To fundraise effectively, parents need to know what is happening and when in order to get involved. You can nominate a team Mum or Dad to be the central contact, who can send out information and reminders on fundraising events. You can try email, Facebook Groups, or Team App as communication tools. Just make sure everyone in the group can access it!

Tell your story

We all know junior sport is not about winning or losing. I am a firm believer that sports teaches children life skills. In the right environment, children learn to respect their team mates, the coach, the opposition and the game officials. A great sports team or club has a positive impact in their community. Share the skills you teach players and the mission of your club. Parents, players and sponsors will want to be involved if they share your vision.

Don't overload parents and players

As well as sporting commitments, your players will have school obligations and deadlines, and most likely work if they are teens. Parents are busier than ever. Holding too many events will lead to low participation rates. The easier the event is for parents, the more likely they will attend! Try to hold major events shortly before or after your regular sporting season. If you do run in season events, do your best to make it during regular training days and times.

Don't underestimate your impact

Sporting clubs play an important role in the local community. Share your club or organisation's success as part of your fundraising campaigns, and promote the valuable service you provide.

Happy Fundraising!