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What are the Most Common Mistakes Made When Fundraising

What are the Most Common Mistakes Made When Fundraising

Not planning your fundraiser.
Planning your fundraiser will give you direction and allow funds and volunteers to be used efficiently. It will save you time and effort in the long run and will help make decision making easier.
Underestimating the work load involved in the fundraiser.
Do your research, and know what is required of the fundraiser. You will need to work out if you have enough volunteers to help with all the tasks required.
Not saying thank you to the supporters.
A "thank you" will go a long way. It will help build your relationship with your supporters and will allow you to ask those supporters for help in the future.
Lack of communication
Be very open about your expectations and what is involved in the fundraiser. People will be more willing to help if they know what to expect.
Not showing appreciation to the volunteers.
Without volunteers it can be hard to run a fundraising campaign. Make sure you appreciate and thank all those who volunteer to help with the fundraiser. Remember volunteers will be able to bring different qualities to the fundraiser. Appreciate every bit of help.
Targeting the same supporters.
Asking the same people over and over can be hard work and feel stressful. Brainstorm ways you can find different people to ask to buy your products or to make donations. This can make the experience a lot easier and make your fundraiser more successful.
Not realising how much time and money is required to run complex fundraisers.
Some fundraisers can make a lot of money but they usually require a lot of effort and may require funds in your bank account to start booking the event. Make sure you have enough time, volunteers, money and resources to organise the fundraising event.
Only asking for cash donations.
Local businesses can often help by making donations of products and services. Ask for any type of donation for your fundraising event as this is one way to reduce your up front expenses.
Not telling people about your cause
Let everyone know what you are fundraising for and how much you are trying to fundraise. People cannot help you if they don't know you are fundraising.
Happy Fundraising!

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