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Pizza Fundraiser Ideas

Pizza Fundraiser Ideas

Fundraising with pizza is a great idea for any size group! It provides your buyers with something everyone wants, and can be very profitable as a fundraising idea!

There are three different types of pizza fundraisers:

Sales of pizza by the slice
Sales of pizza with donations
Sales of pizza supplies - make your own kits

Each of these fundraisers varies in effort, requirements, and profitability. Let's take a brief look at each one.

Pizza Fundraising By The Slice
This is a quick and easy profit source for just about any type of youth sports team. You purchase your pizzas at a quantity discount and have them delivered piping hot to your event.

Your local pizza franchise can delivery to almost any location, and may even be able to provide you with a discounted price to help with your fundrising. You'll need to arrange to pay cash when the pizzas are delivered, or prepay online or instore.

Sell the individual slices at a minimum of 100% markup so that your team receives at least $2 for every $1 in cost. Sell the individual slices at an affordable price to encourage more sales. If you purchase pizzas on cheap Tuesday, or using a value deal, you may be able to make up to $15

That markup covers any unsold or damaged slices.

Tips: Don't overbuy, reorder instead. Also, sell them fast before they cool off. Plain cheese is the most popular followed by pepperoni.

Pizza Sales with Donations
Contact your local pizza chain, and ask to partner up on pizza sales!

You encourage your supporters to purchase pizza from their store, and mention your group's name. The pizza store then donates a fixed amount of money per pizza sale to your cause. 

It's a great way to fundraise, while supporting a local business at the same time. If your school or sports team covers a large geographical area, you may be able to partner up with a pizza chain to cover more ground.

Given how popular pizza is with younger children as well as teenagers, pizza sales are excellent school fundraising ideas.

Fundraising Sales of Frozen Pizza, Supplies, or Kits
Several companies offer a "do it yourself" pizza kit that many schools, youth groups, and sports teams have successfully sold.

The basic concept is the same as a cookie dough fundraiser. Your sellers use an order form, collect payment upfront, and deliver the goods in bulk for distribution.

As with all order form fundraisers,  there is slightly more work involved than with immediate sale items. The delivered product must be received, counted, and sorted by customer ready for distribution.

Pricing is generally close to the price the customer would pay at retail. Profit margins are in the 30%-40% range.

Tip: Because the dough is frozen, deliveries need to be timed well. Your customer pickup/delivery needs to take place within 4 to 6 hours after your bulk delivery.

If you are looking for a great fundraising idea for your school, youth group, or sports team, try pizza this year!

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