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Christmas Fundraising Ideas

The lead up to Christmas is a perfect time to raise funds for your cause, even though we enter the chaotic season of working, shopping, catching up with friends and family, entertaining and preparing for the New Year.
The best part of this time of the year, besides all of the Christmas lights and decorations, is that everyone is looking for gifts for their family, friends and workmates. Secret Santa is a super popular gift giving event in Australia, and many people are looking for unique gifts under the buying limit that have a high perceived value.
There are quite a few fundraisers that can help solve the problem of what to buy and you can be helping a cause or raising funds for your own cause.
Ideas include
- Socks
- Candles
- Chocolates
- Pegs
- Soaps
- Ginger bread houses
- Mugs
- Sunscreen
- First Aid Kits
- Christmas Cards
- Personalised Baubles
Look out for those items that have a Christmas theme. They sell extremely well before Christmas, and you're helping shoppers purchase much-needed gifts!