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You already have the basic groundwork for fundraising success.  All you need are some basic tools and ideas that can help you become more effective at raising money.  That is exactly what this eBook is all about.  By the time you finish this book you will know:

  • Where to turn for money
  • How to tell great fundraising ideas from a poor one that will not make you money
  • How to stay organised
  • How to ensure that your group works together and follows through for fundraising success
  • How to organise a fundraising team that will get real results
  • How to use technology to make more money for your not-for-profit
  • How to use the secrets of fundraising to raise more money with less hassle - each time
  • How to communicate in a way that ensures more fundraising money for your organisation

With “Fundraising Basics: How to Get All the Money You Need for Your Not-for-profit or Cause” you will learn the effective strategies and techniques you need to start making real money for your group - all within your budget.