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Do It For Schools & Groups

Do It For Schools & Groups is a no upfront cost fundraiser using our simple, easy order form!

How does it work?

We provide an electronic order form in pdf format to distribute to fundraisers, who sell socks and return the completed form to you with payment. You place an order with us, and once payment is received, we ship your socks to you to distribute.

How much do we raise?

Socks sell for $6 per pair. You receive $1 per pair sold, with a $50 bonus for each 100 pairs sold.  For example, if your school sold 510 pairs, you would raise $510 + $250 bonus = $760.

 No cost to get started. No delivery fees. Receive your fundraising money straight away!

Would you like to know more? Head to DO IT FOR SCHOOLS or DO IT FOR GROUPS and fill out the enquiry form - our automated system will send you a sample order form and flyer to download and take to your committee or fundraising meeting!