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Do It For Schools & Groups

Two fun themes available!

Sports Stars Order Form

Perfect Pairs Order form

Do It For Schools & Groups Classic is a fun new fundraising idea! Our easy to use order forms and best selling socks are the key to your fundraising success!

How does it work?

We provide an order form in pdf format to distribute to fundraisers, who sell socks and return the completed form to your fundraising coordinator with payment. Your school or group places one order with us online, and we ship the socks to you to sort and distribute.

How much do we raise?

Your cause receives $2 per pair sold, with a $50 bonus for each 100 pairs sold.  For example, if your school sold 510 pairs, you would raise $1020 + $250 bonus = $1270. If you choose our classic option, you can also set your own selling price to raise even more.

​What socks are available on the order form?

Fundraisers will have access to all available themes at the time of booking. Two themes are available at any time. You can see the themes on this page.

​Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order for this service. Orders over 100 pairs are shipped for free. Orders under 100 pairs are charged a shipping and handling fee of $25.

​How to we see the socks before we order?

Purchase a Sample Sock Pack! Each Sample Sock Pack contains four pairs of socks available on your order form. An extra small, small, medium and large pair. It's a fantastic way to show fundraisers the size, style and super fun designs of our funky fundraising socks!

No upfront costs. Free delivery for orders over 100 pairs. Receive your fundraising money straight away!

​Find more answers in our FAQs.

Need more information?

Would you like a copy of our Sample Order Forms and Do It For Schools & Groups flyer to take to your committee or student body? Please fill our the form below and we'll automatically send everything you need right to your inbox!

It's way over our expectations. Thank you so much. It was amazingly packaged and super easy to run.
Danielle Critchell, Marri Grove Primary School P&C
Overall we have had wonderful feedback, and so many people wore their new socks today it was great to see. Kids and adults alike have said they love them, so we will definitely do another fundraiser again in the future. Thanks again.
Danielle, P&C President, Ellen Stirling Primary School
A quick email to say thank you for the opportunity to fundraise through Sockable. We received the bulk of our order last week and distributed it this week. The kids in our group have been asking for the last fortnight when the socks were arriving and were so excited when they received their orders. Thank you, the process has been very easy and simplistic, you've made fundraising easy for us.
Jack Bruce, Administration Director, Adelaide Gang Show

Theme Availability

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Bookings Close 5/11/23

Orders Due by 19/11/23

Available Now

Bookings Close 5/11/23

Orders Due by 19/11/23