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Do It For Groups

Our Autumn 2021 theme is 'The Best of the Best', featuring our best selling socks such as Dat Donut, You Toucan, Memoranda Panda, Goldijaws and more! Our sock team have chosen 15 different designs across 3 sizes for you to choose from. We've also opened our Christmas Classics order form for some festive fun!

How does it work?

We provide an electronic version of our order form to distribute to your group members, who sell socks and return the completed forms to your fundraising coordinator with payment. You place one single order with us online, and make payment for the socks less any funds raised. That's right, you get your fundraising profit upfront! As soon as payment is received, we will process your order, and ship the socks to you at no cost to any Australian address.

How much do we raise?

Socks sell for $6 per pair. You receive $1 per pair sold, with a $50 bonus for each 100 pairs sold.  For example, if you sold 510 pairs, you would raise $510 + $250 bonus = $760.

Is there a minimum order?

A minimum order of 100 pairs of socks applies to this service. This minimum is to ensure we can provide a service free of administration or delivery fees, and help you be as successful as possible.

Is this fundraiser the right fundraiser for my group or cause? 

If you're committed to reach the minimum order of 100 pairs of socks, this is the perfect fundraiser for you. If you would like to test fundraising with socks on a smaller scale, start with our Fundraising Sock Packs.

What socks are available on the order form?

We currently have two available themes, The Best of the Best and Christmas Classics. You can choose to run one theme or both, it's totally up to you! Just choose your theme/s at the time of booking.

Last date for delivery before Christmas.

Final orders must be returned by the 5th of November 2021 to ensure delivery before Christmas.

Last date for booking this service for 2021.

Final bookings for this service is the 22nd of October 2021.

No upfront costs. No delivery fees. Receive your fundraising money straight away!



Would you like a copy of our Sample Order forms and Do It For Schools flyer to take to your committee or student body?

Please fill out the form below and we'll automatically send everything you need to your inbox. 

Sample our socks and boost your fundraising with a Sample Sock Pack!

Sample Sock Packs are a great way to see the size, quality and style of our fundraising socks, as well as boost your fundraising efforts! Fundraisers love to see and feel our fantastic socks. Each sock pack contains all fifteen socks available on the order forms, so your fundraisers can see exactly what they are ordering! It's a fantastic way to help promote your fundraiser and boost your sales! Sell the socks at the end of your campaign and boost your profit! Sample Sock Packs costs $55 plus shipping.