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Animal Rescue Fundraiser

Let us take care of your fundraising needs for 12 months with this hands free, no cost fundraising service. It's the ultimate fully online fundraiser!

We setup a dedicated web page for your cause, offering your supporters socks from our entire sock catalogue (that's over 200 different sock designs). Socks sell for $9.95 per pair and every pair sold raises $1 for your cause, with a $50 bonus for every 100 pairs sold! We process orders through our website, collect payment, and ship the socks directly to the purchaser. No ordering, no stock handling, and no risk of unsold stock!

The custom web page we create to promote your fundraiser is embedded wtih a unique code to identify any purchases that originate from your page. We make sure every purchase your supporters make is traced right back to your cause. There's no need to distribute codes or passwords to your supporters. Less fundraising fuss means more funds raised!

​All you need to do is promote your fundraiser.

How we will help boost sales!

We will provide a new design of cat socks each month.

We will notify your organisation and your supporters at the beginning of each month and show you what amazing new designs we have.

How we help your cash flow?

Your organization will have the funds raised deposited into your nominated bank account monthly.

Get started now by filling out the booking form below and start raising funds for your cause.